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As a Company we maintain an extensive range of tested lifting and moving equipment to ensure that we have the resources to deal with even the most challenging of projects.

Over the last 150 years we have led our industry through the innovative use of equipment as we were one of the first Companies in the UK to operate mobile cranes as well as being early adopters of twinlifts, versa lifts and hydraulic gantries. The advantage for our clients is that they know that we have the experience and expertise to utilise lifting equipment safely and efficiently in a way that some of our competitors are unable to do.

Of course, a great range of equipment is only part of the story, the real value we give our clients is in our highly trained engineers and operators that know how to expertly use the equipment.

The below table gives you an idea of the type of equipment we have within the business that we can utilise for your machinery projects.


Lifting Equipment Technical Specification
Fork Lift Trucks and Telehandlers fork lift LPG & Diesel with various mast / Jib specifications and extended forks. Lifting capacity 2.5T to 12T
Versa-Lifts Available in 25/35 or 40/60 configurations with a lifting capacity of up to 27T
Twinlift Lifting capacity up to Up to 46T
Mobile Cranes A range of mobile cranes including all terrain and city cranes with lifting capacities from 25T to  90T.
Lifting Gantries We have a range of lifting gantries that can handle lifting capacities from 100T to 1,100T

We also have a range of electric and hydraulic gantries. Minimum lifting weight 25T

Transportation Equipment Technical Specification
HGV Tractor Units Fleet of modern tractor units capable of pulling a range of abnormal loads up to 50T
Trailers A range of trailers including low loaders and semi low loaders which are extendible up to 90 feet (27m).  Our trailers can carry loads up to 50T
Hiab Trailers Lifting capacity up to Up to 10T