150th celebration success

IMG_5583On Friday 14th June we held an event at our Dartford head office to celebrate the Company’s 150th anniversary. Despite the logistical challenges of bringing 250 of our staff from all over the world the day went without a hitch and we were even fortunate for the sun to shine.

On arrival, staff and a number of VIP’s, including the Dartford Mayor, were greeted to a canapé reception in front of one of the Company’s original Scammel vehicles which was first used in service in the 1950′s. The vehicle, expertly restored to its original glory, took pride of place as guest had their photos taken in front of it.  Alongside the vehicle was a Company timeline highlighting the key developments in our history from the formation of the partnership by Sigismund Pollitzer in 1863 to its takeover by the TDG Group and its eventually management buy-out in 1994 led by Michael Stone.




20130617-230925.jpgFollowing the Reception, staff sat down to a three course meal during which they were entertained by magicians along with anecdotes and stories from the staff. There was also a video presentation from each country focusing on the great people that we employ around the world which featured some memorable moments that demonstrated our ability to poke fun at ourselves.

After the meal there was time for speeches and staff heard from Richard Pollitzer (great great grandson of the Company’s founder), Michael Stone (Managing Director from the 1970′s to 1990′s) and Tony Percival (the current Chief Executive). All three of the speeches were filled with pride and served as another reminder of how far the Company has come since its humble beginnings in 1863.





Before the band took to the stage and the Casino opened there was time for one last ceremony in which Tony Percival, our outgoing CEO, was presented with gifts and kind words from our Board of Directors thanking him for his loyal service to the Company.

At the end of the evening staff reflected on the great time they had and headed back to their buses for a well deserved nights sleep.

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