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Our People
  • Andrew Hodgson
    Chief Executive

    Management Strategy, Operational Excellence, Extensive engineering services experience

  • Charles Matthews

    Extensive Industry and Corporate experience specialised in Automotive industry

  • Fraser Runciman
    Group Finance Director

    Finance, M&A and Corporate strategies

  • Romain Prouvost
    Group Director – UK & France

    International Strategic Development and large scale Project Management

  • Janusz Lach
    Group Director – Europe

    Strategic Operations Management & Development

  • Tim Marshall
    Health & Safety Manager

    Expertise in H&S and Quality systems in the engineering & manufacturing sectors

Safety & Quality

We have achieved accreditation in quality standards across all of our operations including BS EN9001 in UK and equivalent qualifications across our international offices.




A project can only be considered successful it if has been completed safely. To maximise safety on site, we ensure that the work is planned and organised to provide a safe environment. We take safety seriously in everything we do which is why we have been awarded OHSAS 18001 in recognition of our sound occupational health and safety performance.

The management of our projects include:

  • A safe system of working
  • Method statements, planning and communication of the work in advance
  • Risk Assessments, accessing what risks are involved and what our people may be exposed to
  • Site inductions, before starting the work we communicate with all those involved and then hold regular site safety meetings as well as daily briefings to ensure our teams are fully informed
  • Regular Inspections and Audits by our in-house safety managers of our operations and close liaison with clients personnel


We operate a safe system of working based on the principals and regulations within the UK CDM Regulations. This management system is cascaded out to all of our international operating centres ensuring that the highest levels of safety are adhered to at all times.

All plant, lifting equipment, protective clothing and personal protective equipment complies fully with safety regulations and is provided for all of our work. We only use fully tested and certificated equipment. A valid certificate is sent to site with all tackle and equipment. All equipment is tested or inspected at relevant intervals by one of our qualified persons. All our slings are tested to comply with the PUWER (Provision and Uses of Work Equipment Regulations) and LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) standards.

We constantly monitor the outcome of our work, as we recognise that reporting incidents and near misses helps us to improve safety on site.


We have achieved accreditation in quality standards across all of our operations including BS EN9001 in UK and equivalent qualifications across our international offices.

Our quality systems and procedures are constantly reviewed and improved and we have a strong culture of quality management throughout the whole company.

We believe that quality is not just a paperwork system and that in order to deliver a high level of service to our clients we must strive to achieving quality in everything we do, from the Board of Directors to our on-site working teams.


We recognise that we have a responsibility to protect not only the people on our projects, but also the environment around us. Our operating locations across Europe have environmental and waste management policies and procedures in place to ensure compliance to both Company and broader National and International regulations. Regular internal and external audits take place, from energy saving schemes and waste management policies to careful waste handling, segregation and disposal regulations.

When working together with our customers we integrate with their own environmental and waste policies and systems. To ensure a completely managed service and provide the best possible practise it is vitally important on major installation and dismantling projects that both energy efficiencies and waste control procedures are in place.

Additionally, our engineering services are provided to many projects that are connected to environmental industries such as waste reclamation, green power generation, waste treatment and energy saving industries and production facilities.

The Company is constantly reviewing its policies and procedures to ensure it is carrying out best practises at all times and is currently working towards ISO 14000 registration.